Musubi Armchair is a minimal armchair created by Paris-based designers Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec for Koyori. Crafted using outstanding Japanese manufacturing technology, all KOYORI products are made to be cherished for generations and to bestow happiness on their owners. The Musubi Armchair design emphasizes the beautifully yet efficiently sculptured parts of wood. The backrest, arms, and the seat are all sculptures in their own right, assembled as one. “We wanted to express the beautiful and sensual quality, in which a chair is pleasant, not only when you sit in it, but also when you touch it,” says Ronan Bouroullec. The backrest and armrest have achieved a sculptural three-dimensional shape by carving out solid wood using both wood-bending and 5-axis NC cutting techniques. The chair features a characteristic dented shape between the backrest and armrest, and the armrest and the legs. Appearing as if they are tied together, each part is joined with high precision and technique.

Photography Hiroshi Iwasaki