Sep 09, 2019 / Furniture
Numeradas by Oficina Penadés

Numeradas is a minimalist seating collection designed by Madrid-based studio Oficina Penadés. Cervezas Alhambra launched a new series of experimental craft beers that have been fermented on wooden barrels from different sweet wines of Jerez in Andalucía: Amontillado, Palo Cortado and Pedro Ximenez. The office was commissioned to do a project with those 56 oak barrels. Based on the experimental attitude of this beer company we were interested on the idea of inefficiency and decided to propose an anti-industrial exercise centered on seating objects. What could be the most inefficient chair from an industrial point of view? Through a mathematical formula we created Numeradas: a collection of 3.060 one-off seating objects based on 18 variations of legs, where each one of them is different on every single chair – and therefore the connections between them. Only 6 were physically produced using reclaimed wood from the barrels; for this operation we rescue 4 cubic meters of solid oak and we spent around 500 working hours fully dedicated to the project.

Photography by Asier Rua