Odger is a minimal chair created by Stockholm-based designers Form Us With Love for IKEA. This chair echoes the mantra of a democratic and intuitive industrial design where form, function, price, quality and sustainability come together in a product. Though behind that, lies complex engineering: a distinct buckle inspired construction, injection moulded using 30/70 post-industrial, recycled, wood-plastic composite—a chair, made with non-virgin materials and a no-screw assembly, available in blue, white and brown. Despite being made of a sustainably sourced material, Odger does something unusual—a click—securing the assembly of chair’s shell seat and leg section using two handles. This configuration alters the way we think about putting a chair together, mimicking the behavior of turning water hose key or closing a baking tray.

On further commitments, this three-yearlong design project had an astonishing dedication to comfort, constantly assessing the design to optimize the flexibility of the material. ‘We knew that this chair was going to be used by different people across the globe, therefore, we wanted Odger to be a chair that embraces you, whoever you are—for long periods of time—which for us, meant creating hundreds of prototypes, testing the millimeters of every bend,’ Löfgren continues. One of the challenges with wood plastic is that it is strong, but less flexible, which means it could break if you design it incorrectly. The only way to optimize the comfort is therefore to prototype it. The seat of the Odger chair is generous and comfortable, achieved through comparisons and persistent human testing.

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