Petra is a capsule collection launched in Paris, France by Sophie Dries in collaboration new french furniture brand Alia Vitae. Drawing inspiration from the distinctive French design, Alia Vitæ is breathing a new lease of life into some iconic, as well as lesser-known creations, striking a balance between reverential tribute and fresh innovation. French craftsmanship is at the heart of Alia Vitae’s operations, championing locally sourced, eco-conscious materials, reinforcing a commitment to environmental and social responsibility. Each creation within Alia Vitae’s portfolio is meticulously researched and carefully tested, to stay true to the original design intent and technique. This commitment is exemplified in their inaugural project, an homage to the renowned French designer André Cazenave, who passed away two decades ago.

Their choice of tribute, the Dora lamp, encapsulates Cazenave’s trailblazing design approach and artistic sensibilities. Its organic, pebble-inspired form and unique texture underscore its dual role as a functional lighting solution and a sculptural piece of art that comes alive when illuminated. In a collaborative endeavor with Sophie Dries, a distinguished architect and designer, Alia Vitae deepens its exploration into the unique material qualities of the Dora lamp. Dries brings her unique perspective to the material, ingeniously transforming it into a versatile side table or stool, perfectly marrying the rugged natural beauty of rock with a minimalist, cutting-edge aesthetic. This collaboration, aptly named the Petra Collection, extends this material exploration to various home objects, thereby diversifying Alia Vitae’s offering. The first piece from the collection, the Petra Stool, is a standalone, mobile unit designed for both indoor and outdoor spaces.