Aug 11, 2022 / Furniture
Play Table by Strol x Yeongkyu Yoo

Play Table is a minimal ping pong table designed by South Korea-based studios Strol x Yeongkyu Yoo. The Play table is not just a ping pong table. It entertains in many ways, but it still feels like a table. The dimensions were adjusted to fit homes rather than recreational spaces, and was retrofitted with a diverse range of accessories to support different modes of lifestyles. The magnetic rope net serves as a beautiful centerpiece. It locks in magically, and at the end of each play, it is easily removed, and quickly stowed away in the hidden compartment. Instantly, everything is out of sight. The empty space powers the inquisitive mind, allowing room for new modes of applications. Conversations naturally flow for post – game snacks or a robust dinner. Or if time calls for work, the table can immediately provide a space to focus. Invisible, but the surface is powered by a long – distance wireless charger, and the sliding top offers a hidden compartment, including a power strip, cable organizer and plenty of space to stow anything away. These functions are intuitive and founded by quality material, craftsmanship and detail. The table top is made of solid birch and topped with high density HPL, and the sides are finished with an intricate 8mm cut of maple. The legs are satin – finish aluminum extrusions mounted on quality steel castors, allowing the table for ease of movement when needed.