Pli is a minimal table created by Switzerland-based designer Florian Hauswirth for Tossa. Pli has a foldable base frame on which tray-like tabletops in different shapes can be placed. The base frame folds perfectly flat and combines traditional wood techniques with new design. Attention to details and innovative solutions have been combined to reach a high degree of practical usability. Pli offers many choices: two sizes, two heights, two shapes round or oval and two different finishes (black ash or natural ash). The foldable base frame is highly evocative of a wooden propeller. Its shape turns from the horizontal direction of the hinge to the vertical one of the legs. The joint by the leg is designed with a round lap technique, which comes in the same language like the feet that stands on a half radius. The “propeller” is made in four similar pieces to make the production more effective. The tabletop is made with a special CNC milling that effect a rim-frame out of a flat 16mm solid wood. A special designed 45 degree milling cut, allows to split the flat plate in two pieces and can be glued together again. With this technique less material is lost than with woodturning and it’s also possible to make other shapes like oval. Like this just the half quantity of solid wood is needed comparing to a normal plate-like tabletop.

Photography by Stefan Hofmann