Sep 02, 2020 / Furniture
Plint Coffee Table by Cecilie Manz

Plint Coffee Table is minimal coffee table created by Copenhagen-based designer Cecilie Manz for Takt. Plint Coffee Table is a rectangular table with the size and shape to feature in any room of the home: as a regular coffee table in front of the sofa; as a side table positioned against the wall or beneath a window; or as a platform to stack books and papers. Cecilie Manz’s ingenious solution reduces the table to just two components: tabletop and apron.

The tabletop and side pieces are cut from a single, flawless piece of wood, which is hand-selected and cut precisely from timber logs to create the desired surface texture and grain. The finished planks are then machined to ensure the highest possible degree of precision before the leather components are fixed into place. This allows the table to be shipped in a narrow, completely flat package, and to be delightfully assembled with ease: no need for glue, bolts or screws.