Plouf is a minimalist chair created by London-based designer Timothée Mion. The stackable set of chairs is made from maple wood, and comes in a natural and slate grey finish. There are two options available for the backrest, a rounded and a square version, all of which is handmade in Somerset. The piece was originally for a private commission for an architect’s villa on the hills of Saint Maxime. The project is the result of a happy collaboration with an English woodworker from Somerset. The encounter between his craft skills and the designer’s more industrial vision gave birth to a chair, or rather, a collection of chairs that play on contrasts. They can be stacked and recall school furniture, made from metal tubes and plywood, the shapes of which are purely functional. The parts come together with an apparent simplicity. Graphic encounters are created by variations in grain directions and animate the wood junctions. Two backrest propositions bring diversity to the collection while maintaining a visual unity.