Sep 26, 2019 / Furniture
Poise Collection by Desmond Lim

Poise Collection is a minimalist series of tables created by London-based designer Desmond Lim. Through a deep respect for materials and processes, Desmond takes an experimental and hands on approach to discover the hidden potential both of traditional and future resources. In his furniture collection, Desmond explores an interdependent relationship that exists between the user and objects. By interpreting human-like qualities such as balance and poise, the pieces he creates seek a strong sense of sculptural identity and personality. The Poise Collection focuses on the permanence of objects that features the subtle joining of cast stone to ash hard wood. For the side table, a two legged table is wedged around a stone base. This table is able to serve as a tall side table for the end of a sofa unit or at an entrance hall between two seats. The stool table features a single pole ash table top supported by an embracing stone form that can be made in varying heights to serve as a stool, side table or even a tall platform for displays. The coffee table features a long form perfectly serving as a centerpiece to any living room setting. Features a tubular base that poetically joins and stabilizes the two legged structure.