Jun 03, 2015 / Furniture
Poise by Box Clever

Poise is a minimalist design created by San Francisco-based designer Box Clever. The Poise Collection for Council Inc. comprises a table, a bench, and a stool. The table’s surface is made up of three wood and stone panels that hardly seem to touch, creating an impression of weightlessness and buoyancy. Each panel is softly contoured, inviting the touch of the hand and encouraging casual use. The Poise table converts to two sizes—the middle panel can be removed—and is equally at home in the dining room or the conference area. The bench, featuring the same silhouette of contoured wood, comes in two sizes that can be used with the table or independently, and the stool does double duty as seating or a side table. The smaller bench works perfectly alongside the stool, creating a seating area equal in length to the extended table.