Oct 02, 2020 / Furniture
Portobello Bowls by Julie Richoz

Portobello Bowls is a series of minimalist bowls created by Lausanne-based designer Julie Richoz for Mattiazzi. What interested the designer is the savoir-faire, the precision in the way materials are employed, and that things are done with passion. She is not so preoccupied by the division of the objects between those that are for everyday and those which are not. Something that is used everyday is by definition a good object. The designer was not preoccupied by archetypes, and unfamiliar objects can still become good everyday companions. Portobello is a simple bowl, but with a twist. Something between a tray and a bowl. It is not too loud, but not too plain either. The decoration arises from the making process, and uses a constructive logic.