PQ Dining Chair is a minimal dining chair designed by Brooklyn-based studio Cultivation Objects. The PQ Dinner Chair is a new addition to the Brooklyn studio’s open edition chairs. This chair draws inspiration from the Piece and Quiet series, a collection of eighteen unique chairs, by incorporating elements from the series. The Piece and Quiet series explores the artistic technique of découpé, or cut-up, which involves cutting up a text, image, or musical score to create a new body. This technique originated with the Dadaists in the 1920s and was later rediscovered by artist and poet Brion Gysin in the 1950s. Gysin accidentally stumbled upon the method while cutting newspapers on his table and realizing that the remaining words and images created new phrases and juxtapositions of ideas. The Piece and Quiet series was similarly inspired by the notion of creating new visual phrases through salvaged materials and intuition. The chairs in the series often omit certain parts intentionally, which forces the user to adjust their posture and interact with the chair in new ways. The resulting forms often have a subtle humor and drift away from the inherent functionalism of furniture without abandoning it completely. The PQ Dinner Chair is hand-made to order in the Brooklyn studio, continuing the tradition of the Piece and Quiet series.