Oct 10, 2020 / Furniture
Puffy Lounge Chair by Faye Toogood

Puffy Lounge Chair is a minimal lounge chair created by UK-based designer Faye Toogood for Hem. The lounge chair is the first introduction of the Puffy seating collection, which will encompass a range of chairs and stool products utilizing the steel-framed structure. The first piece in the Collection, The Puffy Lounge Chair combines the clinical lines of Modernist furniture with a deep, satisfying sense of comfort. The tubular frame peeks out from beneath a detachable upholstery of soft, quilted fabric which sits atop a canvas sling for support.

The overall feeling is one of being enveloped in a plumply padded duvet. “The idea behind the Puffy Seating Collection is to emphasise the two almost contradictory ideas at play in the furniture,” Toogood says of the design, “First, stability and strength, highlighted by leaving the stainless-steel framework on display; and second, comfort and reassurance, in the form of the puffy upholstery.

Photography by Erik Lefvander & Heiko Prigge