Nov 16, 2020 / Furniture
Remnant by Note Design Studio

Remnant is a minimal lounge chair designed by Stockholm-based firm Note Design Studio for Sancal. The product’s technical complexity has been one of the main challenges of this project. Its visual lightness and apparent simplicity are the result of a considerable amount of development, experimentation and engineering*. The essence of this design is characterized by the perfect fusion between industrial curiosity to find new constructive forms, the warmth provided by the artisan work of the upholsterer, the elegance of the design and its impeccable details.

The subtle and elegant quilting that surrounds both the armchair and the sofa adds texture to an iconic design that can be upholstered in a wide range of fabrics. The visual simplicity of Remnant represents a complex feat of engineering. Sancal’s technical office had to find a way to support a seat that floats in the air. A “trial and error process” until Note found a solution: a triangulated metallic structure inspired by architectural weight-distribution techniques.

Another construction problem was the large volumes of Remnant. In this case, the solution was the division of the structures to facilitate the injection process. The internal structure of the armchair, for example, is composed of three pieces made from various moulds, while the sofa has been solved with four. Joining all these pieces has also been a successfully overcome, in addition to providing strength, the studio wanted them to be imperceptible.

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