Shift is a minimalist shelving system designed by London-based studio Layer, spearheaded by Benjamin Hubert, in collaboration with Really, an initiative in partnership with Kvadrat. Really’s second exhibition at Milan’s Salone del Mobile 2018 showcases projects by seven designers using Really’s first new materials made from upcycled end-of-life textiles. As well as demonstrating the potential of Solid Textile Board and Acoustic Textile Felt for use in furniture and interiors, the designers explore the changing narrative of textile resources and the massive changes and opportunities of the shift to a circular economy where end-of-life will become the start of a new life. With his design for Shift, Benjamin Hubert also plays on the idea of transformation. In its closed state, Shift is a flat acoustic wall panel. Using an elegantly minimal mechanism, panels unfurl like fabric to create an active shelving and storage unit.

Photography by Layer