Mar 19, 2021 / Furniture
Sling Lounge Chair by Industrial Facility

Sling Lounge Chair is a minimal chair designed by London-based studio Industrial Facility for TAKT. Sling Lounge Chair combines a bold new vision of what a chair can look like with the eco – design principles that underpin TAKT as a certified B – Corp. When TAKT founder Henrik Taudorf Lorensen commissi oned Hecht and Colin, the pair saw an opportunity to create a genuinely new type of chair, an altogether different – but comfortably recognizable – typology, suited to the reality of modern living.

The Sling Lounge Chair is balanced between something we know and something we haven’t seen yet. It adds new dimensions to the lounge chair asa typology, which makes it quite unique, but it also incorporates crafted details and materials that make it familiar. Although it is minimal in the sense that every shape and part of the chair has a functional reason for being, it still comes across with its very own personality. Industrial Facility’s starting point was to consider the ways in which our lifestyles have changed over the decades – the shift from the slim and suited world of the 1950s to the more rounded, casual character of today.

Available with or without armrests, the chair packs flat to just four wooden pieces – two sides and two stretchers – and a canvas seat in European linen. It can be assembled with ease using just four screws, with no need for glue, and readily dismantled for transport. All parts are replaceable, ensuring Sling can enjoy a long life alongside its owner.