May 27, 2020 / Furniture
Standard by Philippe Malouin

Standard is a minimalist bench and stool created by London-based designer Philippe Malouin for From the Bay. The stool is in the tradition of wood stools but achieves distinction in the solidity of the shape and construction plus lightness for a durable seat. It is a stackable stool that fulfills multiple functions around a space. The bench combines plain geometric wood and lightness for a durable piece. It is perfectly sized to place in front of a two person sofa as a table; or it is a natural bench.

While it is solidly constructed it is still light and easy to place in a new position in a home environment. As described by Christopher Fay of From the Bay, “While for our first run we used ash, Philippe is attracted to Douglas fir sharing this appreciation with Donald Judd and Frank Gehry. Our range is dominated by the soft Nordic designs of Jonas Wagell. Malouin’s Standard stool and bench are a complimentary addition of soft brutalism.”