The Street Series is a minimalist limited-edition collection by the Tbilisi-based design duo, Rooms Studio. With this ongoing series, designers and founders of the studio, Nata Janberidze and Keti Toloraia explore unauthored utilitarian vernacular objects found on the streets of Georgia’s capital. The series’ current designs, the Silver Street Bench and the Silver Lingering Lights, are two handcrafted, casted aluminum pieces that pay homage to the ubiquitous objects of Tbilisi’s urban landscape.

Aptly named after the street the design’s source of inspiration was found on, the Silver Street Bench is the result of an impromptu collaboration between artisans and Rooms Studio’s founders. Its lengthy and sturdy design beckons interaction from its passerby, while its glistening, silver color offers a contemporary look to the bench’s classic form.

Meanwhile, the Silver Lingering Lights draw inspiration from primordial raw forms and evoke a feeling of gentle movement and fluidity. Stripped of superfluous ornamentation, the lights have a raw, yet timeless characteristic about them, as the series of lights bear elements of vulnerability through scarred textures and free-flowing forms. 

As an ode to the precarious, charming, and pragmatic urban objects and designs that populate Tbilisi’s cityscape, these two designs within the Street Series further exemplify Rooms Studio’s ability to recontextualize moments from Georgia’s design history into a new and contemporary design identity.