Sep 29, 2019 / Furniture
Talking Time by Derek Welsh

Talking Time is a minimalist collection created by Glasgow-based designer Derek Welsh on view at Paul Smith Gallery No 9 during September through October. The work was inspired by Welsh’s late grandfather who was blind and strong memories of him weaving seats. The title of the work is taken from the clock owned by him called Talking Time which was one of the first speaking clocks on the market to synthesize an actual human voice. As an object it has become increasingly rare so it holds strong memories of people and time. Referencing time and the time it takes to craft and to make decisions and revisions about materials, form and function, Welsh sees the collection as a celebration of both perfection and imperfection of the handmade and of time itself.

As a child Welsh remembers seeing his grandfather weaving: the methodical process of weaving the warp and weft and the time it took. Using Danish paper cord, Welsh has likewise woven the seats of both the stool and chair. He as however left the stool unfinished, intentionally, marking time spent and time that is still to be spent.  Welsh invites us to consider the human hand, the handcrafted and time.  Welsh is a designer and woodworker with over 25 years of woodworking knowledge. He initially apprenticed with a small carpentry and joinery firm in Scotland. In 2005 he set up Derek Welsh Studio, producing bespoke interiors and furniture products with a focus on purposeful design, high quality craftsmanship and meticulous attention to detail.

Photography by Reuben Paris