Mar 26, 2018 / Furniture
Testing Grounds by Form Us With Love

Testing Grounds is a collaboration between Form Us With Love and MDD to involve the end-user and manufacturer throughout the design process. When MDD approached Form Us With Love, they were looking for a new seating system. Upon Form Us With Love’s first trip to MDD they saw an opportunity to build variety on MDD’s strong rationale in steel. The result was two straightforward, but ultimately generous systems of seating. The collections to be tested, are in fact two rather elaborate systems manufactured by MDD; a seating system called New School, derives sixteen variations. Followed by Agora, a sofa system built on a 60 x 60 cm grid, leaving endless opportunities for a casual lounge configuration. To install prototypes in a co-working space puts pressure on the two ranges to perform. A house hosts close to seventy solopreneurs and larger corporations, from stylists, photographers, and digital experience experts, to architects and product makers. Any furniture placed in the member’s lobby has to bring people together, enhance the workplace experience, and provide a series of valuable functions.