Jun 24, 2022 / Furniture
The Bauhaus Table by Kim Lenschow

The Bauhaus Table is a minimal table created by Copenhagen-based designer Kim Lenschow. The Bauhaus table is part of an ongoing experimentation into the intrinsic and symbolic values of the materials we encounter on a day to day basis. The rough and simple assembly method, loaning from roof construction, showcases all material layers and actions of putting the table together. Influenced by a myriad of different experiences, cultural associations and connotations, or just the act of not paying attention, we order, categorize and give value to the material world we surround ourselves with. Polycarbonate roofing sheets, Epoxy resin and extruded aluminum profiles are common materials that we can purchase off the shelf in a regular hardware store. Their highly specific use imbue the materials with strong connotations, but assembled together they elude the simple categorization or valuation we subject them to in the hardware store.

Photography by Peter Dalsgård