The Brush Table is a minimalist table created by Vancouver-based designer Calen Knauf. Instead of the typical table legs, this unique piece utilizes concentric circles of hand-cut bamboo bristles, originating from its center. This not only serves as its foundation but also creates a striking visual effect. The dense accumulation of these bristles is engineered to bear the weight of an adult, dispelling any initial skepticism about its durability. The table’s surface is crafted from waxed ash, presented with a bullnose edge. This design detail, when viewed from standing height, lends the table an elegantly slim appearance. Contrasting with this refined surface, the bamboo bristles introduce an intriguing dynamic quality. While the table stands firm and stable, a gentle touch incites a subtle, almost organic movement. One might initially suspect hidden legs beneath the bristle ‘skirt’ or question the table’s stability. However, upon interaction, these doubts are swiftly allayed, leaving behind a sense of admiration for its clever design and execution.