Apr 27, 2018 / Furniture
U by Shinya Oguchi

U is a minimalist chair created by Tokyo-based designer Shinya Oguchi. U is a chair that consists of distinctive U shaped 3 parts, a backrest, a seat and a support part. It is one of my goal to make my own chair. Then this time it has an opportunity to make and introduce the chair for the well-known design event in Milan, 2018. The goal was set that the chair should have a unique structure and it will be a character of the chair. First of all, made a lot of mock-ups to find out the new structure and shape instead of drawings and CAD modelings. In the end, it came up with the idea of making U shaped structures. It connects with the backrest and support structure thought the rear wood leg. The structure becomes the main component. Aside from this, the seat coincide with this unique U shaped structure. The front leg extends from the curved seat bottom with normal direction. The legs had a strong impression with rear legs which has opposite direction. The U chair became very simple but iconic chair.