Mar 22, 2017 / Furniture
Urbanscape by Didi NG

Urbanscape is a minimal shelf created by Hong Kong-based designer Didi NG. Urbanscape is a knocked-down shelf / room divider which embodies aesthetics and practicality in one. Inspired by the structure of bamboo scaffolding in Hong Kong, Urbanscape is created with similar structural concept by using wooden rods and bended acrylic sheets. Bamboo scaffolding is commonly used in the construction of all kinds of modern structures in Hong Kong, even skyscrapers over 200m in height. Buildings with colorful glass exteriors can sometimes be seen wrapped in bamboo scaffolding creating an uniquely gorgeous space between the highly polished finishings of modern architecture and these primitive temporary structures. As one observe the changing colors and shapes of Urbanscape in different angles, one can appreciate the such uniquely extraordinary phenomenons of Hong Kong.