V33 is a minimalist collection of furniture created by Berlin-based designers VAUST. The first collection V33 gathers inspiration from ancient Greek myths, temples and the goddess of love and beauty – Aphrodite. The selection intends to enable a perception of cultic and symbolic objects through a contemporary and highly aesthetic scope. A clear and brutalist formal language sets the common ground on which ageless and modern materials interact. The geometrical designs do not unveil a specific purpose or meaning. Instead, they acclaim an eternal dialogue – between resources, between the objects, between object and viewer. A dialogue in a distinctive and unexpected tone of voice.Since Aphrodite is not only known for love and harmony, but also for darker forms of desire, for recklessness and independence and unlimited dedication, V33 inhabits this creative tension field. In a provoking and sexy manner, the collection explores the interrelation of space, object, human and divine presence. Bold and dark surfaces meet see through and shining materials to form a tempting composition. Dark marble and stained black oak dance around grey acrylic glass and manually polished brass.