Venise is a minimalist wall lamp created by Brussels-based designer PaulinePlusLuis. Venise is a wall lamp which is inspired by the venetian blind. The idea was to reproduce the effect of the interaction between the sun and the slats of the blind. Venise allows to settle the moment of this interaction, this phenomenon, to make tangible this daily effect. It is made on the basis of simple and evocative shapes which are linked to our collective imagination like the slats and the round arch to refer to a window. This object creates a sensation of déjà-vu and can calls people to create their own story with the object. The lamp is simply made of two laser-cut, twisted and anodized aluminum sheets. It is made of aluminum, which is malleable and allows to work on its torsion. Made from only one material and only one sheet, the shape of the lamp is reduced to the essential.

Photography by Julien Renault