Feb 25, 2020 / Furniture
Void Series by Guglielmo Poletti

Void Series is a minimalist furniture collection created by Milan-based designer Guglielmo Poletti. The ‘Void’ series originates as an investigation of form in relation to the architectural notions of mass and emptiness. Comprised of several furniture pieces, the collection is characterized by the extreme purity of the volumes, whose profiles delineate a solid that has been partially deconstructed and carved out.

This subtle gesture of subtraction results in a very strong impact, thanks to the curvature of the base defining a space which alters the visual perception of the objects. Entirely made out of steel, the construction allows the metal to achieve a minimum thickness of 3 mm by increasing its structural properties. The configuration of the base supports the top by distributing its weight uniformly, improving the stability of the structure while letting light go through the hollow space contained within the base itself.