May 11, 2022 / Furniture

Vonestis is a minimal space located in Seoul, South Korea, designed by YOLLLLEY STUDIO. The office consists of an office space where the leaders of each department gathered and a space for business with various buyers. The layout which derives the ‘atypical curve’ centered around the business space, symbolizes the ratio of various body line’s beauty which can’t be stereotyped. In order to take into account the various visibility of the shadow silhouette changed according to the light with time, the studio applied Vonestis’ objects to the spot where the sun would come into the longest, and design elements to the ceiling. In addition, in order to visualize the brand’s own clear and simple philosophical image, white color was selected as the basic tone for the mood of entire space.

Curved design elements applied with symbolic expressions were finished with natural marble and art paint, and besides, the pieces of design furniture were arranged to express the value pursued by this brand. Next, the laboratory was designed as a single space using three-dimensional curve which connects each point of boundaries. In addition, as it is a space that creates beauty by studying human skin, the studio expresses the symbolism of the spatial subjective beauty with the skin texture. As it is not an experimental space to draw conclusions, but a space with philosophy and directionality to study even the sensibility of beauty in the future, the brand’s identity was important as a space which makes what pursued by “Vonestis” breaking from the existing laboratory’s layout.

Through the curve from the floor to the wall and the ceiling, the studio tried to express the design intentions which form the space by connecting the flow of illumination and break the boundary of the stereotypes about properties. They think that for those who make what they pursue, it is a creative behavior breaking down the boundary of beauty to create ideal beauty in a space that resembles what they pursue. This is a space for creative behaviors with Vonestis’ own philosophy, and it can be said that it is the only esthetic brand that contains its own values.

Photography by YongJoonChoi

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