Mar 11, 2016 / Furniture
Wedge by Marcel Sigel

Wedge is a minimalist design created by London-based designer Marcel Sigel for Capdell. The design is a solid wooden structure with seat and chair back constructed of beech plywood, with powder coated steel base options. The chair features a forward facing cantilevered seat. Although highly visual, its origins have little to do with aesthetics, rather it exists purely as a result of function and rational in the chairs construction. The focus of the collection was to create a chair that is simple but not ordinary. It had to be flexible enough to work across a variety of environments, and unique enough to stand out in a crowd. The starting point for the design was a reflection on the constructive components that define all chairs; a seat, a backrest, and legs. In this case the three elements are visually separated, connected by a single unifying triangle / or wedge. Each side of the triangle serves to fix in place one element creating the structure.