Aug 31, 2020 / Furniture
Whippy Folding Chair by Rasmus Palmgren

Whippy Folding Chair is minimalist chair created by Finland-based designer Rasmus Palmgren. Having less living space imposes new requirements as regards our furniture: it must be flexible, aesthetically pleasing, long-lasting and comfortable. The Whippy Folding Chair notably supports small, more sustainable living spaces. After thoroughly studying a variety of folding and collapsing principles, Rasmus reinvented a folding chair with the traditional mechanism without compromising comfort, usability or aesthetics.

In doing so he enhanced the quality of this type of chair and qualifying it for everyday use. Rasmus’s comprehensive knowledge of wood enables him to adeptly delve into both details and the overall concept, and this has resulted in a durable chair made of laminated and solid beechwood. The Whippy Folding Chair is a sustainable alternative to a classic folding chair and makes living elegantly in less space easier.