Sep 14, 2020 / Furniture
X-CHAIR by Hermann August Weizenegger

X-CHAIR is a minimal chair created by Berlin-based designer Hermann August Weizenegger for OUT. The X-CHAIR challenges the viewer as brutally as a building that has fallen out of time. A radical design by Hermann August Weizenegger for the OUT collection. Arrived in the present, the X-CHAIR sets new standards in terms of sustainability; Made entirely from recycled material, fairly produced and fully traceable in the production cycle. The X-CHAIR in matt black breaks the light, once it touches the smooth surface. A monument that works both as a statement in the living area and defies wind and weather outside. Berlin brutally related to the present – for a self-determined generation. The X-CHAIR will be presented in the Berlin Museum of Decorative Arts from 09.09.2020 to 10.01.2021. It can then be viewed as part of the permanent exhibition.