040 Apartment is a minimal apartment located in Vilnius, Lithuania, designed by ŠA Atelier. The project took place in a wooden row house near the Curonian Lagoon in the settlement of Svencelė. It is an old village site experiencing modern development focused on active recreation. The apartment is used as a secondary home allowing owners to break away from their daily urban environment and provide relaxing conditions. The home has all the necessary household amenities however they are not accentuated and left aside from the aye. In this way we try to allow the residents not to change their general routine but to provide peace of mind through the environment.

Apartment has two levels and an opening gap merging those two spaces. We took this idea further and designed a perforated overlay that gently transmits light between these levels. Although most of the interior objects seem unobtrusive and dissolves in the whole, the majority of them were made individually for this project such as arm swing wall lamp. Interior materials represent tradition and modernity in one space. Therefore wood and clay plaster refers to early methods of building houses in the region. Evidently perforated metal is the accent of the present time. Overall used materials are sincere, without any intense coloring. All of this creates a calm and warm atmosphere.

Photography by Norbert Tukaj