Jul 19, 2021 / Interiors
1080 Hub by studiokhachatryan

1080 Hub is a minimalist space located in Brussels, Belgium, designed by studiokhachatryan. The project is a 500 m2 complex hosting a double-height exhibition hall of Harlan Levey Projects on the ground floor and above the office/ workshop of studiokhachatryan. First constructed in the 1890s, the building underwent various renovations over the years, but studiokhachatryan unified the different elements by reviving certain features and introducing others. A central switch-back welded staircase that links to the two programs is sturdy and functional and, because of that, has a bold aesthetic presence. Other than a fresh coat of paint, some parts were left untouched.

Photography by Thibeau Scarcériaux/ Damon De Backer