A Few Walls is a minimal cafe designed by Seoul-based practice STUDIO STUDIO. This project is a cafe located near the sea. It consists of a total of two floors, the lower floor is a comfortable space to have a conversation while looking at the sea, and the upper floor is a comfortable space to do nothing while looking at the sea. Both floors have welcoming walls at the entrance. People sometimes turn their gaze to the sea through the flow of the wall. And some people enter the aesthetic space while passing through another wall. When the user sits on the bench on the terrace, he cannot see the sea, because the high back serves as another wall. This wall covers most of the things and makes the user only look at the sky. In a small city adjacent to the sea, it is easy to miss anything other than the sea. People can enjoy various shapes and scenery while drinking hot tea in this space.

Landscape design by Sim Seol

Photography by Park Sehee