A-PLACE K916 is a minimalist apartment located in Warsaw, Poland, designed by Thisispaper Studio. The new location provided a new challenge. Thisispaper had to work on the pre-existing structure of an old Print House from 1903 which was brought to life in the form of a new residential building.

One of the biggest advantages of the interiors is the considerable height set at 4.25 m and 4.75 m, which allowed the construction of different entresol designs in each of them. The wood was chosen as a perfect construction material – pine plywood or pine scantlings. They were treated in a natural way – firstly painted off white and then oiled with natural oils, lighting up the overall grey tones of the arrangement. In order to preserve the original interior raw atmosphere – walls, flooring, and the ceiling were finished in monochrome colors.

The concept presents a very minimalistic approach to life, which is in the core of Thisispaper, cultivated for many years. Therefore, it was important to not overload the space. By adding only delicate touches of brass, chrome, and porcelain we decided to gently decor the apartments. As in the previous first apartment, we put a lot of emphasis on cooperation with designers and brands that are presenting unique projects close to our aesthetics, often with a balanced and local approach.

Photography by Maja Wirkus