Feb 14, 2018 / Interiors
A-PLACE by Thisispaper

A-PLACE is a minimal space located in Warsaw, Poland, designed by Thisispaper. Thisispaper Studio created a space available for rent to anyone who would like to discover the capital of Poland in an unconventional way. The interior is designed in the spirit of Thisispaper and equipped with a wide range of objects hand picked by our team. Upon arrival, every guest will find a serving of Japanese organic tea, imported to Poland exclusively by Thisispaper. You can also try freshly roasted coffee from Warsaw. For all audiophiles, A—PLACE is equipped with a complete sound system from the ‘70s, including a gramophone, an amplifier, a tuner and selected vinyls. Thisispaper designed A–PLACE from scratch, guided by our love for honest, natural materials, such as wood, steel, ceramics and linen. Every surface, object and color has been hand picked in line with our design philosophy that creates harmony through focus on function and purity of form.