Aesop Emporium is a minimalist house located in Melbourne, Australia, designed by Kerstin Thompson Architects. Aesop Emporium luxuriates in the singular use of spotted gum timber. It features sustainably sourced hardwood ply to create an immersive space that is intimate and visually calm. The warm hue of the timber compliments the product and the simple forms of the store are enriched through the expression of the timber’s grain. A versatile material, here the ply is used for walls, floors, shelves and most intriguingly the distinctive perforated screens to the shop-front and interior walls. These screens, also doors, define the entry – complete with tester and display unit – and filter the light to provide a calm retreat from the arcade which, by contrast, is reflective and brightly illuminated. During business hours the screens fold back to present an open front that invites customers into the space. The design of Aesop Emporium achieves beauty through restraint.