Anchorvale Isles is a minimalist home located in Singapore, designed by INTHEORY Design. This particular apartment renovation focused on the fusion of natural and artificial lighting, textures, and a serene atmosphere, drawing inspiration from traditional Japanese Ryokans. The design philosophy emphasizes a harmonious balance with nature and cultural principles, creating a space that respects and integrates these elements. The apartment features large windows that enhance the sense of space and openness, allowing natural light to flood the interiors. This emphasis on light is complemented by the strategic use of soft, diffused artificial lighting, which highlights the materiality of wood, stone, fabric, and the interplay of colors, while also introducing subtle shadows that add depth and intrigue to the space. The design invites occupants to engage with the environment on a sensory level, encouraging a connection with the natural world through auditory and olfactory experiences, such as the sounds of birds and the scent of wood. This approach not only brings the outdoors in but also fosters a minimalist lifestyle that values simplicity and the inherent beauty of natural materials and light.