Anfrum is a minimalist hair salon located in Osaka, Japan, designed by Hidenori Tsuboi Architects. Run by a female owner herself, it is simply composed of a styling station and a shampoo booth. Since the salon is a one-to-one private space between the hair stylist and customer, she requested to design it for customers to move freely around the salon, not sitting down at the seat all the time. As such, a large table sits in the center of the salon where customers can wait, read magazines, drink coffee, or engage in consultations with the hairstylist. There is enough space around the table for them to move freely. This table will display books and artwork that reflect the style and personality of the salon, and be a trigger for conversations. Other than a staff room, it is a continuing space that does not have a partition wall. To give a sense of unity, I reduced certain elements as much as possible by limiting the materials and colors used and utilizing existing steel columns and beams. Even with its simple style, this salon is also designed to have a feminine atmosphere which reflects the owner.

Photography by Daisuke Shima