Sep 16, 2021 / Interiors
Angela Apartment by Francesc Rifé Studio

Angela Apartment is a minimal house located in Ibiza, Spain, designed by Francesc Rifé Studio. Located west of Ibiza, the essence of the island has inspired the design of this small duplex leading to a serene and orderly identity. The owners sought to reduce the composition to the essential without renouncing the spirit of a Mediterranean lifestyle. Therefore, the narrative focuses on whites and controlling the excess of light on an open – to – nature terrace. Inside, the palette of whites extends between the lacquered walls and doors, as well as along the continuous floor. Only the oak wood is revealed behind a large sliding door that shows one space while hiding another. As a result, the main stage is quiet and comes to life promptly with the appearance of these undercover areas and shelves. In the room there is an L – shaped shelf that integrates a longitudinal desk to the window.

Calm is installed in the space thanks to the use of curtains that, on the one hand, allow to soften the natural light, and on the other, hide a television that faces the bed. The exterior (which occupies the upper floor) is defined by the surfaces of ipe wood slats with which it is mainly sought to delimit and hide cabinets. These make for kitchen and a lounge – dining area to host family and friends gatherings. The horizontal sequence of slats on the table allows daylight to be controlled by creating shade for diners without disconnecting them from the environment. A constant approach to the wild nature that surrounds the project.

Photography by Javier Márquez

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