Mar 16, 2020 / Interiors
Apartamento Leblon by Felipe Hess

Apartamento Leblon is a minimal apartment located in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, designed by Felipe Hess in collaboration with Pia Quagliato. The space harmonizes vintage and contemporary pieces set within the context of neutral tones and an open floor plan. A custom built bench runs along the perimeter of the windows, curving along the main living area.

It was designed for a young couple with a small son. The architect having completely renovated the space, not only tearing down the walls and but also changing all of the finishings. The apartment is finished in light oak on the floor and cabinets while adding some fabric and linen on curtains and cabinets.

The living room has a big curved window that has a view of the ocean. To reinforce the curve, the long bench was added under it. It works as a sitting place for the room, but also to see the view, laydown and relax. A modular sofa faces both sides, with the living area featuring Amoeba Chairs by Jorge Zalszupin, and a reading area with a Bruno Mathsson chaise.

In the dining area, a chunky natural wood dining table contrasts with a light paper Noguchi lamp and Sergio Rodrigues chairs. A sliding door connects this area to the kitchen, covered in oak and has a stone island in the middle. A Le Corbusier lamp is the only decorative piece.

Photography by Fran Parente

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