Dec 02, 2014 / Interiors
Apartment AB9 by Filipe Melo Oliveira

Apartment AB9 is a minimalist house located in Lisbon, Portugal, designed by Filipe Melo Oliveira. In what was once an aged neighbourhood of the city, in a building from 1938, the apartment is presently located in one of the flourishing areas of Lisbon. A key challenge for the interior architecture of this apartment was to suit the space to everyday needs and to a more contemporary way of inhabiting, with better-lit environments, bigger spaces and better connections in between them.

The new layout falls into a clear concept: one wall runs through and organizes the functions of each space, keeping them fluid. This wall is library, storage, fridge, wardrobe, and space connector. Some elements reinterpret the memory of the original apartment, such as the massive limestone kitchen sink now working as bathroom washbasin, the wooden pavement, the high ceiling or the wall skirts. White surfaces, glass transparencies and pine wood texture help to enhance the wideness and continuity of spaces. The natural and artificial lights are treated with special care and provide even more comfort to all environments.