Mar 03, 2015 / Interiors
Apartment FL2 by Archiplanstudio

Apartment FL2 is a minimalist house located in London, England, designed by Archiplanstudio. The apartment is designed as a dynamic space, which takes different connotations through sliding walls that separate the ritual places of living, such as the kitchen and the bedroom. The space acquires a liquid dimension, where the visual cones overlap and stratify. The different levels of the floor creates a hierarchy between the living and the sleeping areas. The furnishings are all individually designed and develop the idea of tailored space that avoids the general understanding of iconic design brands, connoting the apartment with a strong character and personality. The project pursues pleasure for details, which is expressed in the accurate design of all the elements that are part of it, from lighting to the flat number on the entrance door. The lamps are all custom made and express a personal research around this piece of furniture which can take on a spiritual and sensual character. The viewer must look closely at the work to discover the intimate details, in order to grasp the subtle and evanescent aspects.