Nov 17, 2020 / Interiors
Apartment for 3 Brothers by BarrioBohrer

Apartment for 3 Brothers is a minimal apartment located in Madrid, Spain, designed by BarrioBohrer. The intervention reconfigures an apartment in a 1980 building in the Salamanca district in Madrid, to turn it into the home for three young brothers. In this case, the project concept starts from the individual spatial framework towards the collective, and not the other way around, as in the rest of the interventions.

Despite the brotherly bond that unites them, each brother has habits, schedules, and lifestyles very different from those of the other two, that is why they all have their own suite where they can develop, in their own way, their private domestic life . The rest of the surplus surface acts as a support for the common life, giving rise to a single rectangular multipurpose space. This kind of living room is dominated by a large kitchen island, like an altar, on which the family rituals of daily life are celebrated.

Photography by Luis Asín