Oct 10, 2018 / Interiors
Apartment Renovation in Madrid by Jesús Aparicio Architectural Office

Apartment Renovation in Madrid is a minimalist interior located in Madrid, Spain, designed by Jesús Aparicio Architectural Office. The renovation considers dividing the apartment into two areas: the servant and the served spaces. The first one is developed in the rear area of the house, taking advantage of the lighting and ventilation through the interior patios of the building. The only room structured with furniture is located along the main façade and facing to the most important art gallery since the XVIII century in Madrid. 

The intervention wants to put in value the many positive pre-existent elements that the apartment had: a main total space, an important clear height and the reinforced concrete structure of beams and columns. The remodeling has strengthened the museum presence in the apartment’s interiors and maintained the maximum ceiling height, showing the structure where it had a special meaning. As a background of this scene, all the house has been covered with a white oak hardwood flooring.

Photography by Montse Zamorano