Apartment_04 is a minimal space located in Rimini, Italy, designed by Studio Vlora. A significant demolition allowed the creation of a large square space, the living area. Its size and position make it the main space of the project. Conceived as a piazza, all the different areas of the apartment are overlooking it. The square creates an independent space, emphasized by a pyramidal ceiling that marks its center. The pillars are not part of the symmetrical geometry of the square; they belong to a different system. This makes them independent objects, attributing them a strong monumentality. The other spaces are excluded and positioned outside the square. The sleeping area surrounds the main space and consists of two separate areas with independent accesses and services. A strip window exposes the apartment to the context and roofs of the city. The red floor emphasizes its artificiality, creating an abstract connection with the surrounding rooftops.

Photography by Marco Cappelletti