Mar 26, 2023 / Interiors
Arcadia Private Residence by 2H Concept

Arcadia Private Residence is a minimal home located in Chongqing, China, designed by 2H Concept. By employing windows of varying sizes and positions, Haicheng cleverly connects distinct areas within the apartment, creating a sense of fluidity and visual coherence while maintaining each space’s relative autonomy. The design approach for Arcadia emphasizes simplicity and comfort, utilizing a carefully curated selection of materials and restrained forms to convey a sense of authenticity. Through the intentional use of negative space, the apartment invites its occupants to interpret the surroundings in their own way, fostering a cozy and personalized living experience. Haicheng’s deft combination of diverse textures lends the apartment a warm and inviting ambiance, ensuring that Arcadia stands as a welcoming haven amid the urban landscape.

Photography by Yang Fan