Mar 24, 2021 / Interiors
Asadero by Chamber

Asadero is a minimal restaurant located in Buenos Aires, Argetina, designed by Chamber in collaboration with IT-MET and Giusto Van Campenhout. Chamber is pleased to announce the completion of its newest hospitality project designed in collaboration with IT-MET studio and Giusto Van Campenhout. The restaurant, commissioned by Mezcla, is located in the neighbourhood of Olivos in the Buenos Aires metropolitan area and will open to the public later this year. As described by Mosqueda of Chamber, “Rather than adopting a tabula rasa approach, which would erase the inherited urban and commercial real estate decisions colliding at the site, Asadero’s design was conceived as a series of formal, material and programmatic corrections to the existing conditions. The project presents a series of minimum interventions that expose those moments where different systems intersect by incorporating new materials and/or forms creating casual, unforeseen and ambiguous seating arrangements throughout the two floors. Therefore, Asadero can be seen as an ensamble of architectural elements built upon an additive process which incorporated layers of objects inside the space resulting in a new dining experience that takes cues from the city of Buenos Aires at large, the client’s needs and the remains of a standard real estate development.”

Photography by Javier Agustín Rojas