Atrium House is a minimal townhome located in Montreal, Canada, designed by RobitailleCurtis. This townhome has a 32’ atrium with a skylight running the full width of the house. The design embraces this feature and heightens the experience of its dynamic interior volume. A fireplace is integrated as a central focal point. Atop the mantle is a grand bookcase that provides storage and visual interest as it draws one’s eyes upward through the atrium. At the main living level, the kitchen has been relocated from the front of the home to the rear where it now enjoys more open space and daylight in its position adjacent a window wall with views to a newly designed garden.  A carefully detailed millwork ‘cube’ is a primary organizing element of the ground floor plan.  It is a nicely proportioned object that orients movement through the space as it separates the living room from the atrium and kitchen.   The ‘cube’ contains two concealed glass pocket doors that enable the living room to be closed off.  It also conceals a coat closet at the main entry of the home and hides a discreet powder room.