Oct 06, 2014 / Interiors
Attic Apartment Bled by Arhitektura doo

Name: Attic Apartment Bled

Designer: Arhitektura doo

Location: Bled, Slovenia

Year: 2014

Attic Apartment Bled is a minimalist house located in Bled, Slovenia, designed by Arhitektura doo. The attic apartment is situated in an old villa in Bled – a renowned spa town. It was designed for a family as their holiday home. The apartment is an attic and its square meters yield less living space, so the family decided for an open plan configuration. The apartment was originally designed in the shape of cross-plan. In the left and right wings there are children and parents’ bedrooms while the remaining space is occupied by entrance space, which is connected with bathroom, a central space with the kitchen and a living room. The connecting element in the apartment is a large, 12-meter long light, which was designed so that it can be switched on throughout the entire length, or by sections, thus lighting only a section, e.g. the kitchen.